Mike Murphy

Writer & Producer


Preen Radio

Assignment: People have trouble hearing the name 'Preen'. They don't get what it does,

(weed prevention) Oh, and they often can't find it on the shelves so they have to ask. Go!


Role: Copywriter, Songwriter, Producer

Agency: Hot Sauce

Romana Sambuca

National Radio for 'Toast & Roast' Campaign and a not so gentle reminder that 'warmth is best served cold'


Role: Writer, Producer

Agency: MME

Guinness Stout

Guinness Extra Stout is making it's presence felt in the young US club scene.

Here's one of the radio ads that's helping.


Role: Songwriter & Producer

Agency: MME



Every ALL Mom knows that...

Stains are part of the game so have a ball!

Give us your worst. We'll give it our ALL.


Role: Copywriter, Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Producer

Agency: Merkley + Partners


Wells Fargo LA Live

Career Show - Digital Brochure





Washington - Social Video Content



Songs For Pitches

Ethicon - Pharma/Heathcare

Symbicort - Pharma/Heathcare

Nathan's Famous

Songs For Artist & Causes

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